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Issued Certificates

evro4 tezis cbkts (1) ssagat Сертификат ИСО 9001 Новосибирск. Бамтоннель. 5200

Gazpromecert Certificate

A Certificate of Conformity issued by the voluntary certification system GAZPROMSERT increases your chances to become a supplier of OAO Gazprom. The cost of the certification is determined on the basis of your application.


Gazpromecert CertificateReasons to obtain a Gazpromcert certificate:
• Provides confirmation that the products, management systems, works and services are in conformity with the quality standards defined in the GAZPROMCERT system, taking into account the features of natural gas industry.
• Customer assistance in the selection of quality products, work, and services.
• Increase the competitiveness of products, work and services, provided by companies, that are a part of the Gazprom structure in Russian and international markets.
• Protection of customers against unscurpulous manufacturers and suppliers.

The conformity of products with the GAZPROMCERT system is confirmed by the certification.

The process of product certification in GAZPROMCERT system includes verification of product parameters and testing that allows:
• to identify the product by defining its classification in a particular group of goods, its origin, and more.
• to confirm its compliance with the existing product requirements and standards established by the GAZPROMCERT system (and agreements), as well as with other requirements under normal operating condition in the gas industry, storage, transportation and disposal, which should be verified during the certification process.
• GAZPROMCERT certification includes various certification schemes that take into account the specifics of production, testing, delivery and operation of the product, as well as the required level of evidence for certification.

Product certification in GAZPROMCERT system includes the following functional steps:
• application
• product testing
• production analysis report
• analysis of the results and the decision to issue or decline to issue the certificate of conformity
• supervisory control of the certified products
• information on the results of certification.




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office 311, 21 Uborevicha str.
Vladivostok, Russia

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