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Issued Certificates

Сертификат ИСО 9001 Новосибирск. Бамтоннель. ssagat evro4 5200 cbkts (1) tezis

Fire Safety Certificate

The cost depends on the type of goods and testing, ranging from $1,500 to $6,000. Processing time from 1 to 8 weeks.


Fire Safety Certificate EI
Fire Safety Certificate is an official confirmation that the goods comply with the standards defined by the provisions of the Technical Regulations of Fire Safety Requirements № 123 of 22.07.2008.
In order to obtain a permit for the import of goods which are subject to mandatory certification, a fire safety certificate needs to be submitted to the customs authorities together with the other necessary documents.

There are the following fire safety factors:
flammability group — F;
combustibility group — C;
smoke developed index — S;
toxicity equivalent — T.

There are also special indicators for some types of products.

For example, a fire safety certificate for wall and roof panels should indicate the fire resistance of the filler under EI, RE index. EI index, where «E» indicates structural integrity when exposed to flame, «I» is heat conducting ability, «R» is the roof load. Wall panels are tested using EI index, and roof panels according to the law №123 using RE index.

The certificate is valid from 1 to 5 years.

After the fire safety certificate is issued, the legislation of the Russian Federation requires that an annual inspection is carried out.

List of Documents to be Submitted for Fire Safety Certificate or Declaration:
• product documentation (translated MSDS, and translated certifications)
• product samples



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office 311, 21 Uborevicha str.
Vladivostok, Russia

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